Restaurants have to cater to a large number of customers on a daily basis. There is a tremendous degree of coordination and team work involved to get the best plated food in front of a visitor. Based on the taste, quality, texture and service time of food, restaurants are classified all over the world. In this video, we take a look inside the kitchen of Sepia restaurant in Sydney, Australia. One gets a quick look at how the tables are set and the different types of crockery as well as cutlery used for restaurant guests. Various cooking methods are followed by highly experienced chefs.

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Melbourne is a city with cultures from different countries. Much like New York and some other truly global cities, Melbourne also has cuisines from different parts of the world. Once you start visiting these restaurants, you will realise that it is never enough. With the large number of websites and apps covering restaurants, it is always nice to visit a particular restaurant and write its review on one of the sites. If you are thinking about Thai cuisine, then Chin Chin restaurant is the place to be. You will see the wonderful décor and food available in this restaurant during its video. Several interesting dishes have also been presented.

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