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Are you planning to visit Australia? If so then welcome to Dundee Downs Bush Resort, this is a blog dedicated to informing you of the greatest travel destinations in Australia. From kayaking to hiking, we’ve got it all! Make sure you familiarize yourself with this site before you come to Australia.

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Top Travel Destinations in Australia

Below are the top travel destinations that you MUST visit if you decide to come to Australia. These are some of the top rated places; Australia is one of the most beautiful places in the world, see for yourself in these videos.

UluruThe Opera HouseThe Great Ocean Road
 ⊕ Uluru which is also known as Ayers Rock which is found at central Australia which is one of the staple locations for every visitor to see. Maybe do rock climbing to get to the rock of this massive sandstone landmark. Once you reach to the top of the rock you’ll discover one of the greatest sights ever, imagine watching the sunset from up there! Many have done so!
The Opera house is another amazing structure that is well renowned all over the world for this amazingly designed architectural prowess.
The Great Ocean Road is one of the most amazing road trip locations you’ll ever witness! A road that is created on the edge of the cliffs that gives you the ultimate ocean view from car.

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resource blog postsPlanning a trip to visit Australia? If so then you’ll want to know the greatest attractions and places to visit to plan your trip. Well that’s what Dundee Downs Bush Resort is for!

We will be writing about the greatest attractions in Australia for you to visit. Whether you’re going solo or taking a family, we’ve got the perfect destinations for you.


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Welcome to Dundee Downs Bush Resort

Welcome to Dundee Downs Bush Resort

Thanks for visiting our site! We're here to help you decide and plan the perfect visit to Australia. Whatever the type of person you are, Australia has got just the attraction you need. You might be the adventurous type well if so then you can read some of our articles from the adventurous section, [ Read More ]